Burtonsville Sedation Dentistry Safety Video

This is a great video discussing “What is Sedation Dentistry”.  The sedation dentist also discusses “is sedation dentistry safe?” when contrasting oral sedation dentistry versus IV sedation dentistry.

Dr. Wolf talks about sleep dentistry stating it is analogous to general sedation.  I disagree with this statement.  Often times the dental patient will become so comfortable during sedation dentistry that he/she will fall asleep on their own.  The important thing about sedation dentistry is years of dentistry can be completed in one easy visit while the patient is comfortable and completely unaware.  For those who have put off going to the dentist because of dental anxiety, a severe gag reflex or difficulty getting numb sedation dentistry by a qualified sedation dentist is a very good option.

Sedative dentistry can be especially helpful for people who have complex involved dental treatment requiring multiple appointments.  For example, a dental patient who needs 9 fillings, wisdom teeth removed and a crown can get all the procedures done in one visit with a sedation dentist.  Normally these same procedures would require 3-4 appointments at least.

Patients who are put to sleep using sleep dentistry also experience less salivary flow, less swallowing and experience inhibition of gag reflexes. Patients who are relaxed also have a more controlled heart beat and pressure and therefore there is less bleeding during wisdom teeth extractions.  Reduced salivary flow and gag reflex inhibition create an oral environment for the sleep dentist conducive to more effective and faster dental care.  Along with decreased anxiety and the above factors, the sedation dentist can get done much more dentistry in one sedation dentistry visit relative to a dental appointment of the same length without Sedation. Many of our patients at Maryland Sedation Dentistry save lots of time and money getting their complex dental care done in fewer dental appointments.

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