Sleep Dentist for IV Sedative Dentistry

IV Sedative Dentistry in Burtonsville MD near Columbia and Silver Spring Maryland

sedative dentistDr. Adams has been practicing IV sedation dentistry for the comfort of his patients for years. “I have great compassion for patients who avoid the dentist because of extreme fear or other extreme obstacles…people give up on their teeth and reach the point of despair, depression and panic and dental doom…I enjoy helping them get their mouth, teeth and lives back in one easy appointment.”

If you are searching for an IV full sedation dentistry practice that does regular dental work such as fillings, crowns, tmj as well as complex work such as implants, wisdom teeth removal, you have found us. We do full sleep dentistry where you can sleep through your dental work with IV sedative drugs. It is quick, does not take to long and does not hurt too much and you are asleep.

IV Sedation Dentist Is the best choice for people who:

  1. have a high level of anxiety or fear of the dentist
  2. People who need to get lots of dental work done
  3. Severe gag box.
  4. Patients who have difficulty getting numb
  5. If you lose sleep the night before a dental appointment or if avoid the dentists for a period of years, cancel dental appointments because you dread the visit – Then IV Sedation is best for you

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