Top 10 Questions about Nitrous Oxide Dental Gas Sedation

Nitrous Oxide Laughing Gas Sedation


nitrous oxide dental gas


“Nitrous oxide laughing gas is the best dental sedation for busy professionals who need to return to work quickly. Because the gas wears off in minutes, you can drive yourself to and from the sedation dentist. Dental laughing gas is also very affordable and is the least expensive for of sedation at the dentist.”
“Dental Gas aka Laughing gas is the most under-rated sedation available in the dental office…it is effective for mild to moderate anxiety and dental fear. Laughing gas has no hangover effect and wears of so quickly you can drive yourself to and from your dental appointment.”


Nitrous oxide dental gas is convenient sedation for busy professionals and those who need to drive


nitrous oxide dental gas


Modern day life is the name of competition and hard work wherever you work to earn for your family. People are in a rush to achieve their goals and go up the ladder to improve their lifestyle. Dental and oral health plays an important role in building up confidence and self-esteem at work. Smile does the magic for you in hard situations especially if you are working in the field of marketing and rendering social services. Similarly, your presentation in your college and university gets perfection with a smiling face and shining clean teeth add special charm in it.
Decayed, crooked, damaged, discolored and mal-aligned teeth can be the reason of loss of confidence at work and a failed presentation in the university. Small children can be mocked at school for blackish decayed teeth and they lose their spark right at the beginning of their school days. Children and busy professionals who feel mild to moderate fear and discomfort while going to the dental clinics for dental treatment are surely the candidates of choice for nitrous oxide dental sedation.


What is Nitrous Oxide Dental sedation?


nitrous oxide gas sedation dentist


Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry reduces feeling of anxiety, stress, discomfort and fear among small children and busy professionals. Dental and oral care under nitrous oxide sedation helps in enhancing their confidence. Nitrous oxide conscious sedation provides effective communication among dental patients and dental health care providers and ensures pain free dental treatments. Nitrous oxide sedation is safest and most frequently applied mode of sedating busy businessmen, university teachers, post graduate scholars, marketing managers and small children in dental clinics.

 How Is Nitrous Oxide Used at the Dentist?


Nitrous oxide is used in combination with Oxygen in specially designed equipment for providing inhalation sedation. Dental gas can also be used in combination with oral and intravenous dental sedatives.


Is Nitrous Oxide Dental Gas Safe?


Nitrous oxide is used in combination with oxygen which makes it extremely safe for use in dental patients. It is highly reliable for achieving sedation effect for performing anxiety free dental surgeries. The combination is inhaled through a special mask fitted over your nose. The mask is connected to the inhalation sedation equipment cylinders.


Beneficial Effects of Nitrous Oxide Gas Sedation


  • Easy to perform,
  • Does not need the use of needles as in IV sedation,
  • Reduction of anxiety, stress and discomfort,
  • Reduces unwanted movements or responses of patients towards dental instruments especially in small children for their own safety,
  • Patients cooperate to their dental treatment provider under dental sedation effect,
  • Nitrous oxide sedation increases threshold for pain reducing anxiety and distress,
  • Increased tolerance for longer dental appointments among children and adults,
  • Sedation is achieved in quick time and wears off within a few minutes saving time of busy professionals,
  • You can go back to your office within an hour and work as efficiently as before,
  • Especially beneficial for treating pediatric and mentally disabled patients requiring special care and precautions in the dental chair,
  • Provides comfort in patients with problem of gagging.


How Long is the Recovery after Nitrous Dental Gas ?


As soon as you inhale the gas, its effect starts immediately. Similarly, you recover within seconds after you stop inhaling it.


Can I Drive After Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation?


Nitrous oxide sedation is especially beneficial owing to the fact that this is the only form of dental sedation which allows you to drive home without any dizziness or drowsiness. You can drive to your work place or business plaza without being escorted back home for taking rest or your day off. You can attend your business meeting or give presentation to your clients.


What Procedures Can be Done Under Nitrous Gas?


  1. dental implants
  2. wisdom teeth removal
  3. fillings
  4. crowns
  5. all dental procedures
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