Individual Implants

Tooth Replacement with Individual Dental Implants


The thought of losing a tooth can be pretty scary, let alone need to have a tooth removed and replaced with a dental implant. Dr Adams is a dentist who sedates for dental implants. We are a sedation dental implant center located in Burtonsville Silver Spring near Columbia Maryland. If you are looking for a local dentist who offers full sedation for dental implants, you have found us. A dental implant can be done in one easy sedation visit.


how to replace one tooth with implant


Replace a single tooth with or without Dental Sedation:


  1. Start Full IV Sedation with Dental Sedatives such as Midazolam and Fentanyl.
  2. Carefull Remove the bad tooth being replaced
  3. Clean the tooth extraction site free of contaminants, scar and cyst tissue and PDL
  4. Measure extraction site and select appropriate size dental implant
  5. Place platelet rich fibrin and natural bone graft material, oxygen / ozone and finally the dental implant
  6. Place any necessary stitches
  7. Place a temporary tooth aka flipper or essix appliance
  8. Wait a 9-12 week healing period for bone and gum to grow around the implant
  9. Take impression for abutment and crown fabrication. No anesthesia or drilling necessary
  10. Insert abutment and crown


Teeth Implants Vs Bridge


how do implants replace teeth


Advantages of Implants:


  1. Implant preserves bone and prevents facial bone atrophy
  2. chewing forces absorbed by the implant and jaw bone
  3. tooth replacement is expected to last a lifetime
  4. dental implant is does not connect to adjacent teeth
  5. dental implant is cleaned with brushing and flossing like natural teeth
  6. dental implant looks and feels like a tooth


Benefits of a Dental Bridge:


  1. Bridge replaces a tooth by using the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth space. A bridge is essentially three connected crowns and requires drilling down the adjacent teeth.
  2. Chewing forces absorbed by adjacent teeth
  3. tooth replacement lasts 5-10 years and usually leads to more tooth loss
  4. Cleaning is done by fishing floss under the connected teeth since flossing is not possible since the teeth are connected.
  5. Bridge can feel bulky and less natural than a dental implant


Benefits of Implants?


Implanting teeth cures many problems caused by tooth loss. Implants are without question the best way to replace teeth permanently. Tooth Implant is effectively the replacement of a tooth root. Replacement of root structure permanently replaces lost jaw bone support and chewing function caused by tooth loss. Implants look, feel and are cleaned like natural teeth. Past treatments such as Bridges and Dentures connect teeth or put pressure on remaining teeth and do not replace jaw bone support and chewing function. Dentures and Bridges ultimately lead to more tooth loss.


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