The Appearance of Full Mouth Implants


what do full mouth implants look like


Full mouth dental implants look exactly like natural teeth. Usually if anything, implants look better than natural teeth. Because when all the teeth are replaced with new ones they can be designed to be perfectly white and straight. Natural teeth have spaces between them. Full mouth implants are all one piece. Full mouth implants are constructed as a full set of teeth that is one piece. Full mouth implants also replace some amount of lost gum tissue.

How full mouth implants feel is different to the tongue and lips due the difference in material and shape of the new teeth and gums. All in all, most people accept full mouth implants in a positive way, but no doubt they feel different than natural teeth. And from inside the mouth, full mouth implants look different than natural teeth because of the way they are constructed.


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appearance of full mouth implant teeth


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