Wisdom Teeth Removal with Full IV Sedation Dentistry

Wisdom Teeth Removal with IV Sedation or Twilight


wisdom teeth removal sedation


Maryland sedation dentist offers wisdom tooth removal and impacted wisdom teeth removal with full sedation dentistry options in Burtonsville near Silver Spring and Columbia Maryland. Wisdom teeth extractions can be stressful so, naturally, these procedures are better tolerated under some form of dental sedative drugs. Oral surgery patients having oral surgeon procedures with sedation experience comfort, calmness and have far less pain and swelling after their appointments. We do tooth removal by appointment and will perform same-day emergency wisdom teeth removal procedures when patients are in pain.


wisdom teeth removal sedation burtonsville


Dr. Adams has removed thousands of impacted teeth under IV sedation. “my goal is to remove your wisdom teeth under sedation quickly, carefully and safely with as little trauma as possible while you sleep comfortably through the procedure…only to wake up when it is all done.”


Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedures Under Full Sedation:


  1. Full Bony Wisdom Tooth Removal
  2. Partial Bony Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal
  3. Soft Tissue Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal Sedation
  4. Surgical Erupted Wisdom Tooth Removal


Advantages of Dental Sedatives with Wisdom Teeth Surgery


  1. Decreased anxiety as the wisdom tooth patient remains calm and comfortable throughout the implant surgery
  2. Patients who are more relaxed during a procedure experience less pain after tooth removal and other procedures such as implant placement
  3. Sedation leads to less stress for the surgeon and implant specialist. The dentist can focus better and work more quickly and effectively with a calm patient.
  4. allows for longer procedures where more work can be done. Procedures that may take several appointments can be done in one visit.
  5. Several teeth to removed at once, bone grafting and implant placements all in one visit.
  6. dental implant procedures can be done more quickly with less pain after the procedure and in many cases better result can be achieved.


wisdom tooth removal sedation


Oral Surgeon Services under sedation:


  1. Fully Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal
  2. Soft Tissue Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal Sedation
  3. Bone and Gum Grafting
  4. Extractions of cracked and broken teeth


The sedative dentist will evaluate your case, your level of anxiety and your medical history. The dental sedation specialist will determine what level of sedation dentistry is best for you.


Sedation Dentistry Options During Dental Surgery:


  1. Full sedation dentistry aka full intravenous IV sedation with dental sleep sedative drugs
  2. Oral sedation with sedatives such as halcion, valium aka diazepam, ativan
  3. N02 or dental laughing gas
  4. Aroma therapy and natural supplements such as vitamin C and glutathione
  5. Warming pillows
  6. Lots of TLC and positive affirmation during wisdom tooth removal
  7. Fast, strategic and smooth wisdom tooth extraction technique.


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