A strong case can be made that sedation dentistry is actually quite beneficial to your health, compared to dental procedures with local anesthesia only.


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Here’s why. The human body, when it’s under stress, has a lot of ‘fight or flight’ mechanisms. In particular, the thyroid gland produces a hormone called cortisol, when the body is under stress.

Fight or flight instincts are great if you’re running for your life, but they’re not so good is they’re kicking in while you’re in a dentist’s chair trying to get your teeth fixed. Cortisol is produced by the body to convert proteins into energy, but in high, sustained doses cortisol can destroy healthy tissue and bones and weaken your immune system. Busy, stressed-out professionals in the area may have heard the term “adrenal fatigue” to describe a stress-induced form of bodily exhaustion. Adrenal fatigue can create a wide range of health issues, and cortisol is a large contributing factor.  Sedation Dentistry can eliminate Adrenal Fatigue and the production of Cortisol altogether for patients who are nervous in the Dental Chair.

For patients who have ever been diagnosed as having “adrenal fatigue,” Sedation Dentistry is an attractive option because it decreases the levels of cortisol your body produces, as we work on your teeth.

The reduced amount of cortisol in Sedation Dentistry patients means that our patients see fewer cases of infection and see less swelling than other patients. Because of this, Sedation Dentistry patients typically heal more quickly.

Some of our dental sedation patients have multiple extractions during a single appointment . Most report that they healed so quickly and comfortably that they didn’t need any painkillers afterwards whatsoever. This is especially impressive when you remember that these patients are typically the ones who consider themselves to be most afraid of the dentist, or most afraid of dental pain.

Maryland Sedation Dentist in Burtonsville Maryland is one of only a few IV sedation dentistry practices in the state of Maryland.

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