What do full mouth dental implants feel like?


full mouth implants feel like


Full mouth implants do not feel like natural teeth, but they look great and chew food extremely well. Implants do not have nerves. They cannot feel pressure, temperature or pain. That may be a good or thing depending on the person. Full mouth implants just feel different plain and simple. People who have dentures or a mouth full of bad teeth will fall in love with how full mouth implants feel, look and function.

And the best part about dental implants-they do not rot, get cavities, or ever need root canals. Implants are also much less likely to break than natural teeth. And if that is not enough, implants are not susceptible to gum disease. But do not rush into removing all your natural teeth, if they can be fixed. Consider the following prior to getting a full set of implant teeth:


  1. The cost of fixing your natural teeth. How long the same repairs may last. Future dental expenses.
  2. The costs of full mouth dental implants
  3. How long full mouth dental implants will last
  4. How to clean and maintain full mouth dental implants
  5. How full mouth dental implants look
  6. How full mouth dental implants feel 


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Do Full Mouth Implants Feel Comfortable?


full mouth implants look


Yes dental implants do feel comfortable after a month or two. At first, dental implants feel strange, because they are different than natural teeth. Natural teeth have spaces between them. Full mouth implants are all one piece. Full mouth implants are constructed as a full set of teeth that is one piece. Full mouth implants also replace some amount of lost gum tissue. The feeling is different to the tongue and lips due the difference in material and shape of the new teeth and gums. All in all, most people accept full mouth implants in a positive way, but no doubt they feel different than natural teeth.


Do Full Mouth Implants Feel Better Than Dentures?


Yes, full mouth implants feel much better than dentures. Denture teeth feel like plastic. Dentures are also more bulky and cover the palate and roof of the mouth. Full mouth implants are much thinner and are made out of zirconia and porcelain. Zirconia feels very similar to the enamel of natural teeth. Zirconia is even smoother and more comfortable than natural teeth in some cases. Full mouth implants do not cover the palate. Dentures come in and out of the mouth and are not very stable. Full mouth implants are permanently installed into the mouth and feel much stronger and more stable. Dentures will slide around during speech and eating. Full mouth implants have no movement at all even when biting as hard as you can into an apple. There is really not comparison.



Full dental implants will feel very different than natural teeth at first, but usually after 1 to 3 months they will feel like a new normal. So after 1-3 months full mouth implants feel totally “normal” to most people.


Not all Full Mouth Implants Feel the Same


The biggest factor in how full mouth implants feel is the material used for the implant teeth. Most implant teeth today are made out of zirconia. Zirconia is very comfortable, cosmetic, strong and smooth. Full mouth implants used to be made out of acrylic plastic before 3D printing and zirconia came around. Acrylic teeth are much less durable, much less expensive, and cost less. Make sure you are getting zirconia teeth. Some implant centers will sell zirconia as an “upgrade.” Usually acrylic teeth will not last that long and the material really should not be considered except on a temporary basis. Good zirconia 3D printers cost millions of dollars. They are owned by high-dollar dental labs. Some less expensive printers are beginning to be seen in the dental office, but they are not of adequate quality and durability.
Some doctors are better at designing full mouth dental implants and performing implant surgery. Long story short, how full mouth implants feels also depends on the quality of the implant dentists design. This is a very technique sensitive procedure and requires a high level of care, experience and expertise.
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