Sedation Dentistry Cost

How Much Does It Cost To get Put to Sleep for Sleep Dentistry?

The Cost of  Sedation Dentistry depends on how a patient is getting sedated and how many dental sedation appointments are necessary to complete the case.  The Costs for Dental Sedation in Sleep Dentistry cases is charged by the sedation time. The costs for Full Sedation Dentistry is usually $500 to $900 per hour and $150-$250 per 15 minute increment after the first hour. The time is only for when the patient is sedated for dental work and does not include set up time or sedation recovery time.

Nitrous Oxide aka laughing gas or twilight sedation can be used in cases where there is mild to moderate dental anxiety. The cost of Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas Sedation Dentistry is usually $100-$150 for the first hour of laughing gas and $25-$50 per 15 minute increment after the first hour. Nitrous Oxide dental sedation is ideal for shorter appointments where there is moderate or less dental anxiety.  laughing Gas sets in quickly and wears off quickly with no “hang-over” effect.  Nitrous Oxide is very safe, and convenient and inexpensive because it requires very little monitoring, expertise in anesthesia and the risks of complication are very low to practically non-existent.  Nitrous Oxide does not require a patient to be off foods and liquids prior to sedation.  Nitrous Oxide wears off so quickly that recovery is full within 15-20 minutes and a patient can even drive themselves home after the procedure.

The Costs of Oral Sedation Dentistry is $500 per hour. Most patients in our office do not opt for oral sedation dentistry because it is nearly as expensive as IV full sedation and it is no where near as predictable and reliable of a Sleep Dentistry modality. Additionally in the event of a Sedation Emergency, the oral sedative is much more difficult to reverse because there is not IV in place for quick administration of sedative reversal drugs.

cost of sleep dentistryFor longer Sleep Dentistry appointments and in cases of moderate to severe dental anxiety or phobia, IV Sedation is the sedation method of choice. Full Dental Sedation requires a lot more expertise by the Sedation Dentist, a site license through the State of Maryland and very specialized training for the Sleep Dentist who delivers the anesthesia.   IV Sedation Dentistry is the most expensive form of Sedation Dentistry, but in cases where more extensive dentistry is necessary, many dental appointments can be combined into one.  Literally what may ordinarily take 10 appointments can be accomplished in one or two Sedation Dentistry appointments. Full Sedation Dentistry for more advanced cases may cost less money and time because a large case can be done in much fewer appointments resulting in a better patient experience and reduced sleep dentistry costs and time.

The cost of Intravenous Sedation is a lot higher than laughing gas Sedation.  The Costs of  IV  Deep Sedation Dentistry can be between $300 – $900 depending on how long the Sedation Dentist takes to perform the procedures.  Often times when complex treatment is done and the cost of the procedures is high, the cost of the full Dental Sedation may be included in the fees of the case.  For example, if a patient needs 5 implants and 10 extractions, the cost of the case is already thousands of dollars and the Sleep Dentist may not charge extra for the IV dental anesthesia.