Cost of IV Sedation Dentistry


cost of sedation dentistry


How Much does it Cost to be Sedated at the Dentist?


Sedation dentistry can be expensive but the actual cost depends on the level of sedation and how many dental appointments are necessary. Dental sedation is charged by the amount of time. The fee for full IV sedation is usually $500 to $1000 per hour. And there is a $150-$250 per 15 minute increment after the first hour. The patient is charged only for the time they are actually put to sleep. Sometimes the price of the dental work will be lowered and it will more than offset the additional sedation charges. When a patient sleeps comfortably through the procedures, it is easier on the patient and the work can be completed faster and more effectively.


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Dr. Adams is our sedation dentist. He will meet with you personally to determine what level of sedation you need. He will see whether you need twilight anesthesia or full IV sedation. Dr Adams is one of few dentists in the Washington-Baltimore area who sedates people for regular dental work as well. We offer a full range of services ranging from filling cavities and replacing a full set of teeth with dental implants. “It is amazing how well people do and how well they heal when they are calm and comfortable throughout their dental procedure.”


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Nitrous Oxide and Dental Gas Sedation:


Nitrous Oxide is also called laughing gas. They are both forms of “twilight sedation.” Twilight can be used in cases where there is mild to moderate dental anxiety. The cost of nitrous oxide is usually $100-$150 for the first hour and $25 – $50 per 15 minute increment thereafter. Nitrous is ideal for shorter appointments where people are somewhat anxious. Laughing gas sets in quickly and wears off quickly with no “hang-over” effect. In fact the gas wears off so quickly that recovery is complete within 15-20 minutes. The risks of nitrous oxide complications are very and it is very safe, convenient and inexpensive. One nice feature of nitrous is that is does not require a patient to avoid eating and drinking before their appointment. And the patient can even drive themselves home after their appointment.


Oral Conscious Sedation


The costs of oral sedation is $500 per hour. Most patients in our office do not opt for oral sedation because it is nearly as expensive as full IV sedation.  And IV sedation is more predictable and safe than oral. Oral sedatives are much more difficult to reverse without an IV in place for quick administration of reversal drugs.


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IV sedation for longer appointments and deeper sedation


For longer appointments and in cases where the patient is very scared, IV sedation is the best technique. IV sedation requires a lot more expertise, but it is more safe and has many advantages over oral.  IV sedation is much more regulated and requires a higher level of training. It also requires a site license and a clinical license through the State of Maryland. IV sedation is the most expensive form of sedation dentistry. The higher costs are due the increased expenses associated with sedation training, credentialing and additional equipment expenses and licensing fees.


Lots of dental work can be done in one visit with sedation


With complex dentistry and IV sedation, many dental appointments can be combined into one. Literally what may ordinarily take 10 appointments can be accomplished in one or two appointments with intravenous sedatives. Full sedation for more advanced cases may cost less money and time because a large cases can be done in much fewer appointments, resulting in a better patient experience and reduced sedation fees and time. Dr. Adams will usually adjust the fee lower for all the dental work since it is easier to do under sedation also. Usually the true price for dental sedation is less than you think when all things are considered.


Costs of different types of dental sedation


The cost of intravenous sedation is a lot higher than laughing gas sedation. The price for full IV sedation dentistry can be between $300 – $1000 depending on how long the sedation dentist takes to perform the procedures.  Often times when complex dental treatment is done and the price of the dental procedures are high, the fees for sedation may be included in the fees of the case or offset by a reduction in the fees for the dental work. For example, if a patient needs 5 implants and 10 extractions, the price of the case is already thousands of dollars and the doctor may not charge extra for the IV anesthesia. Or the dentist may charge less per implant because he is doing several at once.


How much is General Anesthesia for Dentistry?


General Sedation is very rarely needed for dental work. General Anesthesia is also not very practical in dentistry since it is necessary to maintain an airway for the patient. Often times, airways are done with tubes and a patient with a tube down there throat cannot get dental work since the tube is in the way of working on the teeth. All this being, said, general intravenous dentistry has been done and the fee is usually $1200 per hour plus. General dental sedation is usually done in a hospital setting by a team of dentist and anesthesiologist.

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