Stop Avoiding The Dentist- We can use IV Sedation to Treat Your Dental Emergency

emergency sedation dentist burtonsville


Our emergency sedation dentist, Dr. Gary Adams, will see same day dental emergency patients and do what is necessary to correct and relieve tooth aches, jaw pain or whatever emergency tooth situation arises. Dental emergencies we see include:


  1. Emergency wisdom tooth removal
  2. Cracked or broken teeth
  3. Tooth Abscess
  4. Tooth Ache
  5. Broken Filling
  6. Painful Cavity or Filling
  7. Missing Crown or Bridge


Emergency Sedation Dentistry Options:


  1. Nitrous Oxide aka Laughing gas
  2. IV Full Sedation Dentistry (not always available same day)
  3. Oral Sedation


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