Cost of Full Mouth Implants Depends


full mouth dental implant costs


Full mouth dental implant costs depends on whether the teeth are removable or permanent and whether the teeth are made of zirconia or acrylic. The costs for removing the replacing all your teeth with implants can range is cost between $20,000 and $80,000 depending on how many implants are used and whether the teeth are removable and fixed.


Get a No-Cost Consultation including 3D Xray for Full Mouth Implants


If you truly want to find out the exact cost we recommend you come into our office for a free consultation with one of our doctors. The consultation includes a 3D X ray, a complete review of your case and the different implant and teeth options.


Implant Denture Cost


On the average, removable full mouth implants cost between $25,000 – $35,000 USD. Removable full implants are also called “snap-on dentures.” Implant dentures are also called snap-on dentures and implant supported dentures. Removable implants need to be taken in and out of the mouth for cleaning and oral hygiene.


Full Mouth Dental Implant Costs


Full mouth implants with zirconia teeth that are permanently installed cost $45,000 – $55,000 USD for a full upper and lower set of teeth. These prices include sedation, removing any remaining natural teeth, and getting a complete set of new fixed implant teeth. The price also includes a set of temporary teeth installed the same day all the remaining natural teeth are removed.

Full mouth implants are fixed permanently into the mouth so the do not need to be taken in and out of the mouth. Permanent implants are also called all on 4 dental implants because an entire upper or lower set of teeth can be supported with as few as 4 implants. We recommend at least 5-6 implants per arch just in case.


Full Mouth Implants is an Alternative to Dentures


No one wants to deal with the reality of false teeth. A full set of dental implants is an enjoyable and viable alternative to getting dentures. The benefits of implants are:

  1. Chewing stability. Eating apples and corn on the cob should be no problem.
  2. Bone loss prevention. No sinking or collapse of you jaws, lips and facial profile
  3. Restored cosmetics and speech. You will look and sound better
  4. Longevity. Implants do not rot or need root canals. The can last a lifetime.


Snap-on Implants vs Permanent Full mouth Implants


snap-on compared to all on 4


The major draw-back to dental implants is the high price. And most dental insurance plans will not pay much towards replacing teeth implants. False teeth are much more affordable than implants. Some people will find comfort and satisfaction with traditional dentures. For most, they will not be acceptable. People want teeth that provide a stable, functional and cosmetic replacement to natural teeth. if money were no object, most people would chose permanent implant teeth because the stay in the mouth. For those willing to accept removable teeth, they can save quite a bit of money since snap-on false teeth cost quite a bit less their permanent counterparts.


Implants is a Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss


bone loss after losing teeth


Removing teeth and just getting dentures is the beginning to more problems. Once teeth are removed, the jaw bone will shrink and the face will droop and wrinkle. Fitting dentures will provide lip and cheek support, but the underlying bone will continue to be lost year after year. Dentures only offer a temporary solution and should only be used as a last resort. And implants should be placed as soon as possible to avoid bone loss.


Dental implants are cosmetic and functional replacement


The cosmetic benefits of replacing teeth with dental implants is obvious. If the slate is wiped clean, the replacement teeth can be made to look exactly the way you want. With a few limitations. The teeth need to fit in your mouth and chew properly. But other than that you can have whatever color and shape you like.


What is the Procedure for Replacing All Teeth with Implants


  1. Select permanent or removable dental implants
  2. Obtain 3D Xray. Consultation and evaluation and Planning
  3. Day of surgery. Patient is sedated. Remaining teeth are removed. Bone grafting and dental implant surgery.
  4. Insertion of same-day temporary teeth
  5. Patient returns after 3-4 months of healing for evaluation and verification of implant success.
  6. Measurements for fabrication of implant teeth. (The design and fabrication takes a few visits).
  7. Insertion of final teeth.


We offer a No-Cost Consultation including 3D Xray for Full Mouth Implants


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Dental Insurance and Payment Plans for Dental Implants


Usually dental insurance will not completely pay for implants. Especially for a full mouth of implants. Removable implants cost $25,000 – $35,000. Permanent implants cost $45,000 – $55,000. That is a lot of money. Most dental insurances will contribute a few drops in the bucket, leaving thousands of dollars of out of pocket co-payments. We file dental insurance and you will owe the co-payment. But it can be 10s of thousands of dollars for a full replacement. We offer financing plans with payments a low as $200 per month. We offer Care Credit and Lending Club financing.


Factors Impacting the Cost of Dental Implants


  1. Sedation and anesthesia time and costs.
  2. Dental implants are very expensive and pharmaceutical companies charge a lot to supply them to dentists. Not all implant posts are created equal. We use high quality non-generic implants.
  3. Laboratory cost to fabricate the teeth that are secured to the implants.
  4. Bone grafting products are expensive. Some gum and bone grafts are complex surgeries that take a lot of time and use a lot of material. We additionally use PRF that required drawing the patients blood. The blood products are processed in a special centrifuge to promote fast healing and improve bone graft results.
  5. Snap-on teeth uses 6-8 implants total and the teeth are made like regular dentures.
  6. Permanent implants requires 10-14 implants. The teeth are 3D printed zirconia. The zirconia teeth and all the implants are very expensive.
  7. Time. Getting a full set of implants requires a lot of surgical skill and office time. Professional time and office time is going to add a lot of expense.
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