is sedation dentistry necessaryIs it necessary to get Put to Sleep to get a tooth Pulled?

by Sedation Dentist in Burtonsville MD

For many dental patients, the mere thought of getting a tooth pulled out sends chills down their spines.

According to an estimate, about 15% of Americans avoid the dentist because of dental fear or

anxiety. Getting your dental treatment done under with sedation dentistry can be an excellent way to make you comfortable and relaxed during a procedure.

But do I have to get Sedated for a Tooth Removal If I do not want to?

A simple answer to this question is, no. However, if you become anxious and apprehensive when undergoing dental treatment, then the only way for you to remain relaxed while your dentist takes your tooth out is through sedation dentistry.

Tooth Extraction and Sedation Dentistry

Maintaining excellent dental health is a part of overall health. Therefore, you should not put your dental treatment off just because you’re afraid of getting dental treatment. Putting off treatment of infection in your mouth will compromise your overall health and unnecessarily burden your immune system. If your dentist has advised an extraction of one or more of your teeth, and you’re afraid of even stepping foot into the dentist’s office, then you should consider sedation dentistry for your tooth extraction.

Sedation can be beneficial for you in the following ways:

Sedation will Make You Calm

Once you have been sedated, you will become completely relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. In this way, your treatment will become a pleasant experience rather than a dreadful one.

No Painful Memories

Perhaps the best thing about sedation dentistry is that when you have sedated, you won’t have any memory of what happened during your treatment. So, no more painful memories!

Ability to Perform Extended Procedures

In case your dentist feels that your tooth extraction may require slightly longer time, then sedation can help you sit comfortably through lengthy procedures by taking away your apprehension and anxiety. Thanks to sedation dentistry, now you can say goodbye to your apprehensions about dental treatment, and get your teeth extracted without any pain, discomfort or anxiety.

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