IV Sedation Dentist Vs Oral Sedation Dentist

IV sedation dentist vs oral sedationFull IV sedation dentist approach is more predictable than oral sedation dentistry.  The sedation process is faster with full IV sedation and therefore treatment time is decreased.  With intravenous sedatives the dental anesthesiologist is able to have a more controlled situation increasing or decreasing the level of dental anesthesia as needed for the procedure.  Oral sedation dentist is lighter and is a good option for patients who have less anxiety and may only need twilight sedation at the dentist.  While both forms of sedation work great, the ideal sedation process is determined when you come in for your exam and consult.  At this appointment, the sedation dentist will discuss the types of treatment that are being done and which type of sedation dentistry will suit you best. IV sedation dentistry vs oral sedation.

The costs of sedation dentistry is between $300 – $900 per appointment with the sleep dentist.  Oral Sedation can be free or cost up to $500 per sedation dentistry appointment depending on the sedative being used, the amount of sedation time and the number of dental sedatives necessary to achieve the desired sedative effect.

Sedation dentists who perform intravenous dental sedation need a lot more training, equipment and certificates for the sedation facility.  IV sedation dentists train under dental anesthesiologists for long periods of time, are examined the the State of Maryland and must pass difficult tests administered by other dental sedation experts. The requirements to perform oral sedation dentistry are far less.  Very few dentists perform IV full sedation dentistry because of the time and expense of the training and the equipment.  Conversely, many dentists perform oral sedation dentistry.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

twilight dental sedationYes. In fact IV Full Sedation Dentistry is more safe than oral sedation because doses of dental sedative drugs can be administered to increase or decrease the effects of the sedation. In the event of an sedation emergency (such as the level of sedation gets too deep), the effects of the dental anesthesia can be easily reversed with a sedative drug reversal agent.

What about Twilight Dental Sedation?

We use Nitrous Oxide Sedation aka laughing gas. Laughing gas sedation is effective for mild to moderate sedation. Dental gas sedation is advantageous because it sets in very quickly and wears off very quickly. The patient can drive themselves to and from their dental sedation appointment.