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sedation implant dentist Sedation – Dental Implant Surgery

Dr. Gary Adams, our sedative dentist, can sedate for teeth implants and really any procedure you need. Our full sedation dental clinic is a full service dental implant center in Burtonsville near Silver Spring and Columbia Maryland. Tooth implants are a wonderful option for permanent tooth replacement. We perform implant surgery for single tooth implants up to a full mouth of implants with All on 4 Implants. Naturally, dental surgical procedures can be scary and cause anxiety in some individuals. Research shows people under sedation for dental work experience comfort, calmness and have far less pain after implant surgery. We are one of very few dentists who sedate in the Maryland, DC and Virginia metro area. Dental implant sedation has many options: full sedation, twilight and dental NO2 gas can be used depending on the complexity of the implant case and how anxious that patient is about the tooth replacement procedure.

sedative implant dentistDr. Adams has placed thousands of implants under IV sedation. “my goal is to perform your implant procedure under sedation quickly, carefully and safely with as little trauma as possible while you sleep comfortably through the procedure…only to wake up when it is all done.”


  implant surgery sedation Benefits of Full Sedation for Implant Surgery:

  1. Decreased anxiety as the patient remains calm and comfortable throughout the surgery
  2. Patients who are more relaxed during a procedure experience less pain
  3. Implant surgery with sedation leads to less stress for the dentist. The implant specialist can focus better and work more quickly and effectively with a calm patient.
  4. Sleep sedation allows for longer procedures where more work can be done. Procedures that may take several appointments can be done in one visit under intravenous sedation.
  5. Sleep dentistry can allow for several teeth to removed, bone grafting and several implant placements all in one visit.
  6. Sedated patients can get procedures done more quickly with less pain after the procedure and in many cases get a better result.

 Sedative Dentistry options preferred for Full Mouth Dental Implants, Single Implants and tooth removal procedures:

  1. Full Sedation / IV Sedative or IV Sedation Dentistry
  2. Oral Sedation, dental sedatives such as diazepam, halcion, etc.
  3. N02 Twilight sedation, aka Laughing gas sedation

The sedative dentist will evaluate your case, your level of anxiety and your medical history. The Sedation dentist will determine what level of Sedation Dentistry is best for you.

Implant Surgery and Oral Surgeon cases our Sedation Dentists Offer:

  1. Metal Free Zirconia Dental Implants with Sedation
  2. Conventional Titanium Implants
  3. Bone grafting surgery
  4. Permanent implant bridges aka All on 4 Dental Implants
  5. Platelet Rich Fibrin aka PRF for Dental Implants
  6. Tooth removal and oral surgeon services
  7. Implant dentures and implant bridges

Single Dental Implant

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All on 4 Dental Implant

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Full Mouth Permanent Implant

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